Why I Love 29th Avenue Town Center, By Damon Knop


What makes a community great is having a heartbeat, a social epicenter where neighbors can meet for a beer, coffee, a meeting, a slice or a workout. Where people from inside and outside of the neighborhood come together and add to the mix to create a buzz. This is no better played out than in East 29th Avenue Town Center.

These connections remind me of growing up in Capitol Hill where my family had this same interaction with our neighborhood friends, always seeing someone we knew when we went out. E 29th Avenue Town Center will be adding a library in the next year to the Town Center, a site that holds many local events. The Farmers Market, Movies on the Green and the holiday festivals, including the great annual tradition of being at Casey’s Irish Pub for one of the best St Patrick’s Day festivities in Denver. These events bring people together from all backgrounds and give a true sense of community.

Working from home part of the time, the town center also works as a satellite office. It’s a great place to meet clients and give a great starting vibe for people that are thinking about the move to the community. This morning I had a meeting there, afterward had a bagel and worked on my computer for a bit. I returned later in the day to go to the store and tonight I am going back to have a guys night out at The Berkshire. East 29th Avenue is a true Town Center that is a Live, Work and Play environment.

By Damon Knop Distinctive Properties 

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