What Brings You Joy During These Uncertain Times?

September 22, 2020 Central Park Stories No Comments

With the COVID-19 pandemic dragging on into the fall and winter months, it’s not surprising that more of us are feeling unhappy, cooped up and perhaps a little isolated.  The pandemic and all the changes (and uncertainty) it has brought, has claimed lives, upended routines, and in some cases, a little bit of our happiness.

But studies show that a good part of finding joy in difficult times comes from reframing how we look at things. In other words, instead of looking at happiness as a result, look at it as a journey. And from hiking, to baking, to biking and singing, many of your Central Park neighbors are doing just that!

Hermes JoyMegan, North End

“My husband is a pastor, and I’ve learned during this time that the church is not about the buildings – it’s about the people. And I’ve missed the connections with the individuals and families of our diverse church while the doors are shut. I and found that this is what I’ve missed the most. To recapture some of that joy, I’ve started safely convening members of our church for Sunday brunches and coffee so that we can counsel each other through this uncertain time. We sit six feet apart, wear masks and find other ways to social distance, but during our time together, we’ve never felt closer.”

“We’ve also been having a great time setting up a space in our home for remote learning during the first part of this semester. The kids have been joining in the fun, making it a terrific family activity.”

What brings you joy Calla 2

Calla, Willow Park East

“What has brought me joy in this pandemic is how beautiful our incredible state is! Once the trails reopened, we were itching to get outdoors. There are so many isolated trails you can take to be outside and safely distanced in the outdoors. We are so lucky to LOVE where we live! “

Maria Hick Ware Joy Story

Maria, Westerly Creek

“To maintain our joy, deepen our family bond and stay busy, we have been gardening, hiking and playing lots of board games!”

Merchant Family in the garden

Tanya, Conservatory Green

“We are gardening – tomatoes have been great this year; working out in our garage gym – our 13yo is getting really good at his Olympic weightlifting technique; backpacking and camping in remote areas; and I’ve started singing with a group that is focusing on spiritual music the next few months.”

Graves Familly Joy Story

Anthony, South End

“We’ve been taking lots of family walks, bike rides, board games and we continue to build community!”

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