The Urban Suburbanite Buyer at Stapleton

By Greg Pond, TJC Real Estate

Being a Realtor, one of my favorite things is the fact that I get to work with all types of buyers. I feel like there’s always a home out there for anyone who’s looking, and it didn’t take long for me to learn that Stapleton offers something for almost everybody.

As such, I get to work with many different types of clients, and each real estate transaction brings something new to the table, all equally enjoyable.

I find that Stapleton attracts the perfect Urban Suburbanite buyer. The reason is simple: Stapleton is close enough to downtown, and I have found that both families and singles want to be close to that action, yet they want their own space, yards and garages.
Stapleton also offers a lively community to residents, with a busy event schedule from May through September.  It makes it easy for people to get out of their homes and meet their neighbors.

My favorite part of selling new Stapleton neighborhoods, such as Conservatory Green, is that I get to know the builders and the buyers simultaneously. With the combination of new homes and new residents, the development around this area is super exciting!

When I get to witness my buyers receiving the key to their new home, it’s amazing! But it’s just as amazing when I watch homebuyers upsize from a condo into a house or downsize to a townhome that makes more sense for their current lifestyle.  In the end, anything I can do to make my clients smile makes me smile, too.

Urban Suburbanite buyers are choosing Stapleton, and the choices here are just as diverse as my buyers.

Looking to buy or sell a home in Stapleton?  Check in today with Greg of TJC Real Estate or visit his website.

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