The North End: The Be-All End-All Final Frontier of Central Park

North End neighborhood collage

By Stacy Neir, Kentwood Real Estate

Considering a move to Central Park Denver, specifically the developing North End? Don’t delay! Home lots are already selling and this is a unique opportunity to be a part of the community’s final development. And, without a doubt, buying in Central Park is a smart decision both financially and for your quality of life.

I am a Realtor, and have been one specializing in Central Park for 19 years. But today, I am writing not as an agent, but rather a longtime resident. My husband, also a Realtor, and I moved to the community in 2004. Many would call us pioneers as Central Park was still in its first of what is now 12 amazing neighborhoods.

So what have I learned in these 16 years that can help you decide whether or not buy in North End? Lots!

Every Central Park neighborhood has unique characteristics. North End is a culmination of all the best the community has to offer, with one extra special benefit: the proximity to Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.

If you are not familiar, the refuge is 15,000 acres of protected land housing 330 species of wildlife. Think bison, deer, birds and even reptiles. You might even see bald eagles glide above you as you sip coffee on your porch – a cherished characteristic of Central Park because it helps to cultivate neighborhood relationships.

In North End, you get a perfect blend of city and the open space to make your city-close location feel a bit rural. This is lovingly referred to as the “Wild Side” of Central Park.

This is just the start to what makes North End an incredible place to live. Additionally, be sure to keep the following in mind.

  • Home Options: Like modern-homes? Check. Traditional? Check. There are small homes and big homes. Rowhomes, ranches and 3 stories.
  • Location: Approximately a 15-minute drive to downtown Denver, the community has easy access to I-70 and its connections to I-25 and I-225. There is also an entrance to I-270 for travel to Boulder. And don’t forget the close proximity to the A-line light-rail station that will take you west to downtown and east to DIA.
  • Schools: Central Park is home to some of the best schools in Denver and across the state. Education can come without the high-price of private schools. North End is also very close to Northfield High School, which recently expanded to make it a college-like campus.
  • Parks and Pools: When school is out, head to the parks and pools. Northfield’s largest park has a playground and Central Park Denver’s first pool featuring waterslides!
  • Events: Like neighborhoods to the south, North End will have a place to enjoy free community activities.

Beyond buying into a quality of life that is second to none, you are also making a smart investment. While there is never a guarantee of what the housing market will do, we’ve seen consistent home appreciation over our 16 years living and working in Central Park. It is not unusual that a $600,000 house purchased within the past few years could be in the $800,000-900,000 range.

Sound good? Then I will ask you, won’t you be my neighbor? See you at the pool!

Stacy Neir is a Central Park resident and realtor. You can reach her here +

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