“The Norman Rockwell of Family Neighborhoods” By Scott Petersen, RE/MAX of Cherry Creek

The second my wife and I found out we were having a baby in 2003, we put our home on the market in northwest Denver, put down a deposit with a Central Park builder and eventually moved to Central Park near the Puddle Jumper Pool/Park.

In 2006, when we found out we were having our second child, we put our home on the market, put down a deposit on our second Central Park home and eventually moved across the street from the F-15 pool/park.

In 2009, when we found out we were having our third child, we decided to stay put.

Central Park is the perfect neighborhood to raise a family. My three boys are spoiled rotten by this neighborhood and they don’t even know it. The amenities (e.g. pools, parks, the rec center, the proximity to the neighborhood schools, the open space, etc.) are incredible. Can you imagine how cool your childhood experience would have been growing up in a neighborhood like this? Knowing what each of us now know, our kids have it so good and we should all try to remind them of this regularly.

From the “scooter gang” on the sidewalks to the impromptu lacrosse game in the pocket park, or from the dip in the pool during summer vacation to the family bike ride to the 29th Avenue Town Center for ice cream, Central Park is a kid-topia!

One day, when my boys look back at their lives, I’m sure they’ll thank me for providing them with amazing childhood memories and experiences.

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