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Biz Buzz E2 Business Gifts
Meet the businesses of the Greater Stapleton Business Association: This is the fourth in a series of articles about association members.

E2 Business Gifts

Joanna F. Johnson, owner

Brookfield Properties: Why did you choose to locate E2 Business Gifts in Stapleton?

Joanna: E2 is a home-based business. My husband and I moved into Stapleton in 2005 after a few years in Houston. It was Stapleton’s reputation, as well as its proximity between the airport and downtown, that attracted us.

Brookfield Properties: What do you like about this community, compared to other office areas such as downtown and DTC?

Joanna: Stapleton seems to foster and support home-based businesses. Not only are many homes outfitted with interior office space, but the neighborhood itself has organizations such as the Greater Stapleton Business Association and First Wednesdays, which is a home-based-specific business net-working group. There are many residents who work from home in this community, so one does not feel isolated at all.

Brookfield Properties: Brag about your business – what offerings are you most excited about?

Joanna: The variety. E2 is a vendor of all kinds of personalized promotional items: everything from pens, tote bags and coffee mugs to gourmet food gifts, art glass awards, USB drives and fleece jackets, all personalized with your organization’s logo or tagline. E2 can source literally thousands of products – we are only limited by what we can dream up!

My customers run the gamut from an out-of-state, Fortune 500 company, to a Boulder-based non-profit trade organization to other members of the Greater Stapleton Business Association. Frankly, the variety of both customers and promotional products that I work with is exactly what I love so much about operating E2 Business Gifts.

Brookfield Properties: Why should other companies move to Stapleton?

Joanna: The walkability … and a work/life balance comes easy here!

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