Summer Events In The Community

Farmers Market

The events that have become Stapleton Denver’s summer fun staples are back on the events roster, following COVID-19 safety procedures of course.

First up, the beloved farmer’s markets on Founders’ Green.

“They’re coming back,” says Stapleton Master Community Association (MCA) Communications Manager Jennifer Olsen. “Things will look different, but with some imagination, and innovation, several summer events will return.”

The farmer’s market will re-open every Sunday from June 7th through October 11th at Stapleton’s Founder’s Green Plaza.

Changes made for safety reasons will include chalk paint on ground surfaces designed to help patrons practice social distancing every six feet, as well as the distribution of masks to all visitors, and a reminder for visitors to avoid lingering at the event. Click here for all the details.

“In the interest of safety, it’s important for visitors to look around, shop, and avoid lingering,” Olsen says.

“We’re taking it one step at a time to see what’s possible according state guidelines for public health,” Olsen continued. “We’ll re-examine everything on a month-by-month basis.”

As for live events such as MoJaBlue, details are still being worked out, but there’s already talk of hosting those events virtually. Right now, the MCA is working on finding a way to bring MoJaBlue back if logistics can be worked out.

“We’re looking into having the bands and artists pre-record their performances live from the Cube, and then streaming them on Facebook Live for all to enjoy,” Olsen explains. “We’re just seeing how this goes and examining our options month by month.”

While no concerts will be held in June, outdoor movies are making a comeback.

There’s a strong possibility that the old-fashioned drive-in movie theater experience will replace, at least for now, Stapleton’s Movies on the Greens.

For up-to-date information about which Stapleton events will return and how they will look, visit the MCA’s website at


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