“Running Trails” By Tiffany Burke, Perry and Co.


The running trails, particularly the rolling hills on the north side of Central Park, are my favorite areas in Central Park.  As a mother and realtor, I am a great multi-tasker.  So when I go out for a run to get stronger, I am also thinking through challenges and counting my blessings when I feel frustrated.  I rarely run with music but instead take the time to think!

Sometimes while I run, I reminisce about what this neighborhood looked like as an early settler.  I would run along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, which was then a dirt road, encouraging my son to be happy in his stroller while I dodged construction trucks.  I was happy when the bike path along Westerly Creek was finished so some of my run was along a path.  As toddlers, my kiddos played at the ‘sand park’ or Aviator Pool.  We didn’t have the fountain at the East 29thAvenue Town Center, nor any pocket parks with playground equipment, and Central Park was not yet under construction. Who remembers when a fast lunch or dinner meant eating from the neighborhood taco truck and grocery shopping had to be done in Park Hill or Lowry?

When I run west along Central Park, I can see it all now.  The neighborhoods with maturing landscaping to the south are now part of my history.  The air traffic control tower symbolizes our past and the construction to the north and west, is our future.   This view drags me back to the present day while I am running.  I think of my community of peers – the builders, realtors and lenders – and how we are all working to encourage more homeowners to join our diverse, fun and growing community.  I brainstorm about what I can do for my business and for my clients.

Seeing the new school under construction brings up thoughts of my two kids.   I remind myself how lucky I am to have good choices for my children’s education.  I’m lucky that my family has so many parks to use for sports and kite flying and playing.   I’m glad that we can use the bike paths to get to the pools and town center and thankful for my neighbors and friends, whom I lean on to get through each busy week.

It’s great to have this perspective of how far we have come as a community.  So when I think of the future in Central Park, I am confident.  We are not only continuing to grow in Central Park, but we are thriving.  We enjoy new amenities every year.  There can be growing pains, but we work pretty well together to make our neighborhood better and better.

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