Parkwood Homes Announce the Final Release of the Painted Ladies

August 26, 2020 Homes No Comments

Exterior Painted Ladies

Denver, CO: August 26, 2020- Central Park (formerly Stapleton Denver) is home to some of the most iconic home  builders in the region, who over the last 20 years, have built their innovative home designs in all 12 neighborhoods helping put their stamp on the community. Parkwood Homes is one such builder. They have been building their traditional, highly sought-after homes in the Central Park community since its inception– helping create the charming and idyllic streetscapes it is known for. But with community build-out on the horizon, Parkwood Homes is now down to its final few new homes sites in the North End Neighborhood with the release of their Painted Ladies Row.

“We’re very excited to announce the final release of the Painted Ladies, a throwback to the San Francisco Gold Rush and designed with Denver’s distinctive character,” said Daniel Morales, lead architect for Parkwood Homes. “Anyone who has wanted to build a Parkwood in Central Park should act fast. Because we are able to build four floors above ground, these homes offer unparalleled views of downtown Denver and the mountains.”

Parkwood Homes first introduced The Painted Ladies Collection homes in 2018 in the Beeler Park Neighborhood. They were inspired by San Francisco’s iconic “Postcard Row”, but with a uniquely Denver twist. The first row of Painted Ladies sold out quickly. Buyers loved their highly detailed, ornamental design aesthetic, the 10 foot ceilings, and energy efficient design and ample natural light. Sarah R. was the first to buy one of these homes. and created a custom design for her home. While their Painted Ladies home was being built, Sarah and her son took a trip down to San Francisco. Of course, they had to visit Postcard Row, which was the inspiration for our Painted Ladies Collection and their new home.

“Those houses have these really cool architectural details,” Sarah said. “And I think Parkwood has done a really good job of emulating that into a ‘today’ version.”

The Painted Ladies in San Francisco are one of the most photographed tourist attractions in San Francisco, and with good reason. With their elaborate detailing, vibrant color schemes, and fascinating roots in San Franciscan history, they’ve earned their place in American architecture.

Despite being attached at the foundation, each Painted Lady is separated above ground making it feel like a single family home and offering four sides of nature light.

“When we were designing the Painted Ladies, our goal was to keep that timeless charisma you see from the old Victorian houses in San Francisco, but to also incorporate some of the best features in our Shenandoah and Beacon Hill Collections: spacious interiors with lots of natural light, unique indoor-outdoor spaces, and high-quality standard features.” noted Simon Liu, Marketing Manager for Parkwood Homes.

There are currently three Painted Ladies under construction; due to finish later this year with an additional seven to come. Homes typically finish in the $700’s and offer 2200 square feet of space.

Parkwood will also release a limited number of single family homes and townhomes in the North End next year.  Details to come.

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