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It’s like bringing the “Bean Belt” to Stapleton Denver.

The Bean Belt, the region of Ethiopia considered the birthplace of coffee, is where the world’s finest coffee beans are grown and coveted around the globe.  And Kabod Coffee, one of Stapleton’s newest woman/minority-owned businesses, is bringing Ethiopia’s finest cup to patrons near and far.

Muluye Hailemariam, owner of Kabod Coffee, opened the shop at the corner of Central Park and Northfield Blvds., in September 2019.

Kabod offers 100% organic roasted coffees, as well as teas, smoothies, pastries and other beverages in a quaint but modern and relaxed atmosphere.

“Stapleton was the ideal location for my shop because my children attend D.S.S.T. middle and high schools, which makes me better able to pick them up and drop them up while running the shop,” she says.

Hailemariam takes pride in Kabod’s “farm-to-cup” business and production practices, which means she buys her beans directly from Ethiopian farmers.

“We work with the union/family-owned farms to make sure they make a profit from their own labor,” she says. “It’s our way of giving back and supporting their efforts.”

She uses an unblended approach (beans from one region and variety) and roasts them in Montbello in small batches for uniform flavor.

She comes by her philosophy honestly.

Originally from Ethiopia and the granddaughter of a farmer, Hailemariam moved to the U.S. when she was a teenager and has been drinking coffee for as long as she can remember.

“My grandmother also drank coffee throughout her life and she lived 105 years.”

So, Hailemariam knows good coffee and is committed to serving it to her customers.

“I won’t serve anything to my customers that I wouldn’t consume myself,” she says. “They deserve high quality.”

Her commitment has also garnered Kabod a loyal following with the majority of her base being made up of repeat customers.

With a firm base and a supportive husband who is her “backbone,” she has her eyes on the expansion of her business and will soon open a second Kabod at Denver International Airport.

It’s a natural progression of Hailemariam for whom entrepreneurship has been a passion for since she opened a convenience store back in 2001, and remained with her through Kabod’s opening last year.

“This business is in my blood.”

And her hard work is tasted in every cup.




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