FasTrack to the East Rail (A) Line

By: Skylar Colclazier

The long awaited and highly anticipated East Rail (A) Line is celebrating its progress with a Community Open House event that will be held at the Central Park Station Park-N-Ride, Smith Road and Uinta Street.

Regional Transportation District (RTD) and Denver Transit Partners are joining together to deliver a construction update on the RTD FasTracks East Rail (A) Line that travels from Downtown Denver’s Union Station to Denver International Airport (DIA). This event promises to be an exciting one, as they will be showcasing final station designs, as well as discussing the new commuter trains and the quiet zones along the rail line.

For those who don’t know, the A Line was conceived in the mid-1980s concurrent with the envisaging of DIA. In 2004, voters approved the FasTracks program, creating a funding channel for the line. Following approval, RTD and Denver Transit Partners began construction of the 22.8 mile commuter rail transit corridor. Central Park Station is the third stop on the way to DIA.

If you take a look at history, each stop has its own story and Central Park Station’s is amazing. This station will serve not only those traveling from Downtown Denver to DIA; it will also serve over 20,000 residents in the Stapleton community. Prior to the Green Book, and the creation of one of the nation’s largest master-planned communities, Stapleton’s 7 ½ mile area was home to the Denver Municipal Airport.

The Denver Municipal Airport opened in 1929 and was referred to as the “Union Station of the Air” and considered to be the “most modern facility in the country” ( However, though only three short miles away, the airport faced scrutiny because of its distance from Downtown.

Fast forward to the 1980’s and imagine an urban renewal and construction boom that continued through the 1990’s. Now the nation’s tenth largest downtown and double the population from 1960, Denver is flourishing. Contributing to the growth was the construction of Coors Field and DIA, both of which opened in 1995.

In preparation for the rapid growth, Denver Transit Partners and RTD planned for a commuter rail system that would revolutionize transportation in Denver. Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015, we’ll see a piece of this system come to fruition at the Open House.

Don’t miss your look at the vision!

Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015
Central Park Station Park-n-Ride
Smith Road and Uinta Street
Denver, CO 80238
Time: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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