“Fall Park Pergola, Eastbridge’s Front Porch” By Katie Knop, Distinctive Properties


Since the first month we moved to Eastbridge Neighborhood in Central Park, some of our best times have happened at and around our pocket park pergola. The fall park in Filing 12 is blessed with a view so breathtaking that I consider it Eastbridge’s front porch.

The location has turned into an inspiration point with views straight down the center of Central Park’s promenade walk lined with runway type lights. In fall and spring, the contrast of the green Central Park grass and the white caps of the Rocky Mountains is amazing and has been spotlighted by HGTV and many other Central Park advertisers. The view includes the skyline of downtown Denver, as well as the control tower, a landmark that reminds us that our home was once an airport.

We first moved here five years ago, and the closing date was literally our daughter’s birthday. So before we even had our boxes unpacked, we had to put together a birthday party. No worries. We called up our reptile-wielding party guy and the MCA and made it happen in our neighborhood park. Our new next-door neighbor’s girls, who are now some of our kid’s best friends, along with 15 other kids were happy as can be touching tarantulas.

Since then, the park has been the site for so many neighborhood activities, wine parties, book clubs, camping nights, religious ceremonies, Fourth of July gatherings, slip and slide days and too many happy hours to count.

Sunsets, fireworks and storms rolling in are the backdrops to some of the best community times we’ve shared in Central Park and we look forward to future times. Who knows, we might even see weddings!

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