Earth Day: Do Your Part in Central Park Denver

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With Earth Day right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than by visiting one of the 60+ parks and open spaces in Central Park? Our 12 great neighborhoods provide a diverse array of recreational open spaces, which make up a third of the community! Learn about Central Park’s sustainability and ways you can celebrate Earth Day by volunteering with local groups in the community.

Not only is the Central Park community full of green parks and fresh air, it was built with the importance of giving back to the land in mind. For example, the transformation of Westerly Creek from a buried drainpipe into an ecological showcase: part recreational park, part riparian ecosystem, part stormwater management system. Learn more about the Westerly Creek project here.

All of the homes in Central Park’s North End neighborhood are built to meet or surpass ENERGY STAR 3.0, meaning all of our homes use less energy. Looking for Zero Energy construction, Thrive Home Builders Vitality Collection is built with a focus on health and sustainability. This means your home is working for you – producing as much energy as you consume. Saving energy and generating it so you can live more comfortably. Learn about how Thrive Home Builders has energy costs down to a science.

These are only some of the ways Central Park Denver has embraced the earth, given back to the land, and created a more sustainable future for homes. Visit Central Park’s Environmental Initiatives page  to learn more and get involved for Earth Day!

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