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(but not all at once)

by Jaryd Takushi , Kentwood Real Estate

When I think of summers in Denver’s 80238, I think about the farmer’s markets, movies on the green and POOLS!!!

With the Fourth of July upon us, the Master Community Association (MCA) is slowly, and strategically re-opening our illustrious pools. They’re on their way back and opening dates are back on the roster following COVID-19 safety procedures of course.

So I thought I would share some of my favorite pool experiences throughout this vibrant community:

Aviator – E 29th Ave Neighborhood – This original pool has great birthday party pads, a diving board and huge trees.  The playground is nearby and the grass lawn is perfect for other non-pool-related activities.  I attended an unforgettable private luau there that reminded me of Hawaii!

Puddle Jumper – South End Neighborhood – When my kids were little, the gradual depth spiral entry was perfect for them to discover their comfort level with the water. We ordered pizza one evening from Mici’s and had a shady picnic in the grove of tall trees.  The playground is a little bit of a walk and the grass lawn surrounding the pool is a little smaller, but beautiful all the same.

F-15 (my favorite) –   Eastbridge Neighborhood – It has something for everyone: a shallow entry, splash features, lap lanes, an enormous grass lawn and a large playground visible from poolside.  At times, you’ll find barbecues, volleyball nets, baseball games and kites. Finally, the best way to cap off a summer day is a short walk from there to Constellations for ice cream.

Jet Stream – Central Park North Neighborhood – Tons of space for laps and the outdoor lawn is enormous. Kickball anyone?  There is a diving board (quickest way to cool off in the deep end), party pads, and a great row of trees for shade.  The playground is a short distance away, but not visible from the pool.

Runway 35 – Conservatory Green Neighborhood – Late one summer season, we visited this pool and enjoyed a “Diving Board Dad” splash contest.  Not an official competition, but a few families were there cheering each other on to see who had the best “CANNONBALL”!!!  No one here will give you a dirty look for getting them wet. There’s a huge playground, enormous grass lawn, volleyball and basketball courts. If you are looking for competition, the annual swim meet will really get your juices flowing.

Maverick – Conservation Green Neighborhood – Soaking my feet on the stairs and watching swim lessons are my favorite memories here. Two party pads, smaller grass lawn and the large playground is visible from the pool is a highlight. Late night family swims, sunsets and poolside dinners were always a family favorite.

North End – The largest and newest pool in our community has a two-story SLIDE!!! Zero depth entry, lap lanes, mountain bike single track, basketball, sand volleyball, baseball, rock climbing and a playground are all a part of the scene here.  If you make it to sunset, grab your cool beverage and move happy hour to the boardwalk and enjoy our purple mountain majesty views.  Or, watch the breathtaking sunset from the top of the water slide. It will be the perfect way to end a hot summer day in our glorious community!!

Needless to say, my family makes it a point to enjoy every pool in 80238 and our other neighborhood amenities as often as we can – and we’re looking forward to seeing you at them this summer as well – from a distance of course!

Hooray for summer! Spread ALOHA! …not Corona.

Jaryd Takushi is a North End resident, investor and Realtor ®️.  You can reach him at or 303-378-2730.


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