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Thrive Home Builders has been creating original homes in the Denver area since 2001, with an emphasis on energy efficiency, sustainability and environmentalism. Thrive Home Builders’ neo-classical designs recall an era when houses truly felt like homes; and the modern row homes reflect a new sense of clean, comfortable urbanization.

On the outside, liveable porches and designer colors lend a distinctive appearance to Thrive homes; while on the inside, technology and smart design allows Thrive Home Builders to “future-proof” its homes. All Thrive homes receive the Energy Star Efficiency Rating, and Thrive is a member of Home Builders of Association. They offer homes in the Colorado neighborhoods of Bradburn Village (Westminster), Central Park (Denver), Tallyn’s Reach (Aurora) and Shadow Grass (Longmont).

Thrive Home Builders is proud of its engineering, its emphasis on quality (with a combination of affordability) and its deference to the environment. Thrive Home Builders customers can be assured that they occupy homes in which every consideration has been given to sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental impact. Thrive Home Builders is the only production home company that offers solar energy systems standard on all new single-family homes. Additionally, Thrive Home Builders incorporates into all its home designs the use of 2×6 outer-wall studs (for greater wall thickness and space for insulation) and blown-in R-20 cellulose insulation. Sealant is applied to drywall and framing components at window and door openings to eliminate air penetration and minimize drafts.

These building features and others combine to give Thrive the best Home Energy Rating System (HERS) scores from Energy Star in the Denver area. While a home constructed in 2006 and built at that time in compliance with HERS Reference Home standards would have received an index score of 100, many Thrive Home Builders homes are 40 percent more energy efficient, thus rating a more improved score of 60 (which is 40 percent better than the home using energy at the “100 level). A net-zero energy home (generating all the energy it needs on its own and consuming no additional energy) would score a “0.”

Thrive Home Builders makes its HERS scores available to all new homebuyers. And after the homebuyers move in, they can monitor their energy usage via The Energy Detective, which is a feature standard in all Thrive Home Builders homes that provide real-time reports of energy usage and the associated costs.

Meanwhile, Thrive Home Builders has always kept uppermost in its management philosophies a commitment to home design that appeals to every homebuyer’s need for aesthetics. Thrive Home Builders uses abundant windows and light to incorporate a sense of openness into all its plans, with a priority on living spaces that are practical and comfortable.

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